2022 Franchys After Happy Holidays.

Hi, Lovelies! 


How are you Lovelies doing? I'm doing good ya really can't complain. Happy after holidays to you all and hope you all are truly madly deeply well. As some of you may be aware I have been gone for a while. I was just working primarily on my self-love website. Nevertheless, this site has been here for much longer actually. I started this blog back in 2013. I believe I was just 30 years old at the time doing security with Summit Security Services. Back then I worked full time and would blog just in my spare time. However, I was not happy. I was not truly madly deeply passionate about my job. I wanted so badly to be a writer and work primarily from home. It's funny how things can come in full circle and lead us directly to our very own happily ever afters.

Ya Lovelies I have come full circle of love. I now am self-employed full-time and put my perfectly imperfect eggs in various baskets. Ya Sweet Lovelies I truly do a lot just to pay my bills. For instance, I use this app called Wonolo to pick up some extra days to help with my daily expenses. I have been all over New Jersey, Staten Island, and Long Island. It has been hard writing blogging and doing my other jobs but I have to do it. I really want to succeed at both of my businesses Francesca Etheart INC and Frans Online Business INC. I truly madly deeply want to create my very own happily ever after as life can be really short Lovelies as I return back to my regular postings and welcome 2022 with big open arms I look forward to your continued support. Have a blessed day and be safe.