Lily Anatasia A Life Truly Worth Living. Part 2


As Anatasia continued staring at her perfectly imperfect reflection. She closed her beautiful eyes and reopen her eyes to a completely different room. She is in a hospital room. On the bed is a blond-headed woman. Suddenly she sat up with the biggest smile on her face. She begins to softly repeat don't dream your life live your dream. Then suddenly the machines next to her begin making a very loud alarm sound. So loud it was almost deafening. After which the door flew open and a bunch of doctors and nurses rush into the room. Anatasia, Anatasia, Anna Jason said with a confused look on his face. Yes, I said with a shaky voice. Are you ok he asked with a soft caring voice? Ya, I'm fine I replied trying to get a grasp back into my reality. You sure? You were staring into the mirror for quite some time. Ya, I'm sure I said hugging Jason tightly.

Prelude: A blonde blue-eyed beauty.

Anatasia was born in Munich Germany to Austrian-born parents. When she was 5 years old her dad left her mom for another woman. Her mother was depressed with no real way to support Anatasia. So Anatasia mother decided moving to the United States into the state of California was truly madly the best decision she could of made. Unfortunately, the loving happiness was short-lived as two months after moving to California her mother was hit by a car and died in the hospital. With her father still in Germany and with no real way of contacting him Anatasia was immediately put into foster care. Luckily at the age of 6, she was adopted by a loving German family. Who loves her like she was their own. Now she is all grown up currently in her first year of high school living her very best life ever.