2022 A Franchy Easter Sunday On Monday.

 Hi Lovelies, how are you all doing? I'm doing alright can't complain. Just truly madly deeply tired is all. By the way happy belated Easter. As a child, my mother used to take us all to church on Easter Sunday. We all would dress really nice but honestly couldn't care much for the services. We were children being children. I remember one particular Easter when we got easter gifts. That was lovely mmmmmmmm ya. While yesterday on Easter Sunday all I did was work.

Lovelies I want to get a little candid with you all as we all are family. Yes, I believe there is a God and I pray every single day. However, I just don't believe in religion like everyone else. I have had God speak to me privately which truly madly deeply allowed me to see some things others just could not see. Yes ya, I have been through a lot in my Franchy frantastic life. I praise God that I never turned to drugs and always tried to do the right thing. For instance, I truly am trying to do the right thing by going to do some spring cleaning.

Lovelies I first got this apartment when I was 27 years old. The woman who I was sharing the apartment with moved out with her boyfriend so I took the whole basement apartment. I then asked my boyfriend at the time to move in with me to help with the rent. To be completely honest Lovelies I have been caring for myself since I was 16 years old. As that is when I started working back in 1999. I come from a place where I did not have a  lot and I had to work hard to get everything I wanted. Now that I'm self-employed full time I'm truly madly deeply living the life that I always wanted. No not yet making a lot of money and am currently struggling. Nevertheless, that is ok I just have to believe in my sweet dreams. When I do get to a better business place I will update you all. Sweet Lovelies spring is for new beautiful growths. Which I have experienced a lot as a woman. This spring may your dreams grow in the most beautiful garden of happily ever after. Don't dream your life live your dream. I love you all mmmmmmmmmm ya. Ya have a great awesome day Sweet Lovelies.