2022 Franchy's A Real Lady Never Leaves Dishes In The Sink Before She Sleeps.

 Hi Lovelies, good morning how are you all doing this lovely morning? I'm doing great this morning honestly. I feel absolutely amazingly awesome ya. Which is truly madly deeply such a great feeling actually. A feeling of undesturbing well being. Knowing all is well and everything will be ok.


Likewise having a clean space to stay can really make a world of difference. As you go through your perfectly imperfect day. I personally never feel ok in a dirty apartment. I often feel depress and anxious when my apartment is untidy. I believe that my untidy room reflect what is going on in my perfectly imperfect mind. I've often noticed that when I'm stressed and depressed that shows up in my apartment as well. There is a real strong correlation that I have always noticed. Happy home equals happy life.

On that note Lovelies I would like to share with you all my apartment is about to get a fratastic Franchy make over. Starting with the frantasic dishes ya. Starting today I will no longer leave dishes in the sink over night. Yes that is a bit of a difficulty to keep this promise as my life is hectic and pretty busy. Nonetheless I'm not happy the way I'm so I must change so that I feel happy. I never feel happy in a dirty messy house so that has to change. I will keep you all updated on my Franchy progress have a lovely day mmmmmmmmm ya.