A Walk To Marine Of Dreams To My Happily Ever After.

 Hi Lovelies, how are you doing? 

I'm doing alright can't complain ya. I truly madly deeply hope you are having an awesome day. Lately, I have been so stressed and not really sleeping. Ya Beauties I have been thinking a lot about my Franchy life. Past mistakes that I have made and what my life would be like if I made better decisions. For instance, I have been thinking about what my life would be like if I never met him (probably would have been a lot better ya). Nonetheless, I know thinking about the past is not conducive to a successful life. To keep bringing up the past and not truly madly deeply moving on. The fact is life is hard and it will always be this way. You won't always make the best decisions. Which is perfectly imperfectly ok. You can just let things be as they were naturally meant to be.

Lovelies I'm truly madly deeply all about my very own natural beauty. For example, for the most part I barely wear any makeup. I like to keep it really natural. I truly madly deeply want you all to see the real me. Likewise, on this blog, I'm an open book (or an open blog 😍). What you see is what you get. Ya, I'm a Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel and I truly love you all. I also love nature. Something about the green leaves, flowers, and trees truly madly deeply brings me true tranquilty. I love looking at the dogs as they are happily being walked by their owners. Some of them even run and bark at the squirrels they see on the grass. It's this very Franchy picturesque imagery in my mind that lead me to go for a walk in "Marine Of Dreams" again. Today was chilly and windy but it was still a nice day for a wonderful walk. I was thinking about how simple the animals life are. They had no bills or a job to hurry to the next day. If they really wanted to they can spend the whole day laying on the grass. I remember a blog I wrote a while ago on a  different site. I wrote that I wanted to live in nature and be one with peace. Which is true keep things natural with nature as things are  meant to be. Ya create your happily ever after with a beautiful nature view. Mmmmmmm I can't wait for more lovely walks ya. Stay tune Lovelies mmmmmmmmm ya.