2022 Franchys Daily Blessing Promisses Part 1

 Hi, Lovelies good day to you all. How are you all doing? I'm doing alright today really can't complain ya. Well to be honest I could always complain if I choose to. Nonetheless, as I get older I realize more and more how useless it truly madly deeply is to complain. I just have to make the most of my perfectly imperfect life.

Moreover speaking of making the most of my perfectly imperfect life. I have to keep the promise that I have made each and every year Lovelies. The promise of posting each and every day for the year 2022. As you all know it is almost June and the year is officially almost halfway through. Next thing you know we will be celebrating the holidays all over again and awaiting the frantastic New Year of 2023. Ok, Ok Lovelies I know I'm looking way into the future while in my Franchy heart truly madly deeply knowing that tomorrow is never promised. Nevertheless, I make this promise to you that I will post every day for the entire year of 2022. I'm celebrating this wonderful blue promise with my Self Love Blog. Feel free to stop by and support me over there too.

Why now Franchy? 

Well, it simply is I'm tired of just dreaming my life and not living my dreams Lovelies. I did not need anything as dramatic as being visited by three ghosts who are telling me to change my life. I'm not happy and I simply understand that a change has to be made. Lovelies if also you are not happy make the frantastic change that in your heart you truly madly deeply know that you have to make. It is very important that you are happy doing whatever that you choose. I choose to grow my businesses Francesca Etheart INC and Frans online business INC. I'm currently looking to create an app and to build an outside home for us all. Have a blessed day Lovelies take care, ya.