2022 Franchys Sleep Beautiful Body.

 Hi, Lovelies!


How are you all doing? I'm doing ok still trying to recuperate from my Franchy no sleep marathon. I'm still feeling very tired and a bit unwell. This is just one instance that I really had a bad reaction to receiving no sleep. Ya, I have had other times when I really didn't feel very well too. For some reason, this time feels different. I don't know maybe it is because I'm heading to my 40's. I'm getting older and less capable of staying up.

Lovelies I do encourage you too to make sure you get enough sleep each and every night. Take good care of your health and be well. Love all your perfect imperfections. Which starts with letting your body get the rest it so desperately needs each and every single night. Today I'm giving my body the tinder love and care it truly madly deeply needs. Lovelies so many times we forget to listen to our perfectly imperfect bodies. We ignore the aches and pains consequently pushing ourselves to our very own forevermore. Below I have created a poem about making yourself a top priority. 

Touch your body to its very own well-being ya.

Touch your body and feel what it truly madly deeply means to be alive.

Touch your body and softly remove bits of kinks and smooth over any broken bones of broken promises. 

Touch your body and let me be the one to become one with you once upon a midsummer's night stream.

For I have loved you forever and knew you were the one that can truly take my breath away.

Touch your body as you ride the merry-go-round of broken dreams. Feeling your nerves tinkle from deep within your beautiful sweet heart.

As you know tomorrow is never promised and right now is not too promising either. As you ride the merry-go-round of broken dreams, your forevermore has begun while your ending is below the shattered glass of broken dreams.

As the merry-go-round of broken dreams has collided with your beautiful sweet dreams. With the fatality of your sweet dreams, nothing more than many shattered pieces all-around your very own happily ever after.

Touch your body softly slowly reminding and encouraging yourself that you got this. Create your very own happily ever after. Don't dream your life live your dream mmmmmmm ya.

Rest in peace broken promises. I promise it is now forevermore.