2022 Franchys Working From Home Secrets.


Hi Lovelies, como estas (how are you)? I'm doing well thankfully. I have been working as per usual and still making time for myself. Which is not always easy to do ya. For instance making time to meditate and exercise my very own perfectly imperfect body. Ya, I'm all about my Franchy health and well-being. As we truly madly deeply only have one body that we must take care of. Lovelies being self-employed has given me the freedom to truly madly deeply create my very own happily ever after.

I remember ever since I realized that I could work from home. My heart has always been in to do it full time. Mmmmmmmm I can just imagine getting up slowly. Going through my phone for any unread messages. Then spending some much-needed time on Facebook and Instagram. Just taking my Franchy sweet time to get out of bed. When I finally do get up I brush my teeth and then head straight to the shower. After which I would get dressed and make my Franchy cup of tea (ya don't like coffee). Finally, I would turn on my computer to begin working. Lovelies I'm truly madly deeply grateful that this is no longer a dream and it is currently happening right now. However, there are a few Franchy adjustments of course.

Of course how we picture things are so often not reality Lovelies. Lovelies working from home is no different. There are some things that I wished someone would have told me before I decided to work from home full time. Well in the next article we will delve deeper into some secrets of working from home. For you, beauties can truly madly deeply understand what to expect.

       To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!