Franchys Beautiful Spring Update.

 Hi, Lovelies,

How are you all doing on this beautiful lovely day? I'm doing great can't really complain. Today I decided to take the day off to rest my perfectly imperfect body and my beautiful mind. Today is such a great day to do just that. The weather here in New York City is absolutely wonderful. I just had to take the opportunity to see the beautiful blue skies. The sun was shining absolutely brilliantly and a lot of people were also outside enjoying the wonderful weather. 

You know what Lovelies I was in an absolutely horrid mood I swear. With my mood, I must have been in my very own personal hell. I was just really sad. I was truly madly deeply miserable. My mental health was not good at all. I remember writing a short piece about Cheslie Kryst. A Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel that falls to her death in New York City. How are you all Lovelies? No really how are you? I'm not good right now honestly and it is perfectly imperfectly ok. Ya, it is ok not to be ok.

To be continued!!!!

Life is hard.
Life is truly madly deeply unkind.
Nonetheless, life is whatever you make of it.
Come and let me wipe away your sweet tears of despair.
Why are you so lost, Sweet Lovely?
Beautiful your very own happily ever after has been here waiting for you.
Live your dream don't dream your life.

Dance for your very own happily ever after.
Laugh your heart out and be merry.
Sing to your beautiful heart's content.

I love you.