Franchys Dear Dearest Diary Day Of Sweet Unconditional Self Love Returns With Love


Franchys Dear Dearest Diary Day Of Sweet Unconditional Self Love has returned Lovelies ya. Yes, I do like keeping you Lovelies updated on my lovely daily occurrences. After all, I live my perfectly imperfect life each day and every day is truly madly deeply a different lesson learned. A lesson of love lost, or just all the frantastic occurrences I experience each and every day. Ya Lovelies I'm 39 years old and have experienced a lot in this life. For instance the very uncomfortable experiences of being raped and sexually molested. Ya, I just said raped and molested. As I truly madly deeply never had an easy life. 

My life started being left by my mother to my grandmother. A grandmother who herself was never loving or caring. Then a great occurrence occurred when I came to America for a better life. I had a different family and a whole new culture to truly madly deeply immerse my Franchy self in. I myself am very loving and caring. I'm by no means a victim of my unpleasant upbringing. I truly care about and love everyone. I feel I have a really different view due to my special experiences. Special experiences I truly madly deeply share on this beautiful website. I have a lot to share. This is why you see a variety of posts. From thoughtful articles to my beautiful poetry, Or just a Franchy thought. Additionally to my Franchys Dear Dearest Diary Day Of Sweet Unconditional Self Love, I will still continue to post other different posts. This whole blog is about my life. Lovelies I'm me welcome to my Franchy world.