My love my everything. 

You took me by surprise the first time you told me you love me.

It was on the most beautiful day I could have possibly dreamed of.

We were at the park my hair was up in a messy bun. I had absolutely no make-up on.

Then suddenly you just blurted out that you love me. I was so caught off guard that I just said thank you.

We made sweet love right then. We both were just sweet 17 and of course, we knew everything and we were always right. 

By the end of the wonderfully beautiful summer, I was headed back to my posh apartment in New York City with my parents. 

They took me away that night once upon a midsummer night stream and we never said our sweet goodbyes.

Now as I walk hand in hand with someone else by my side to our favorite mid-afternoon pizzeria. I caught a glance of you from the corner of my blue eyes.

                       To be continued!!   

Just having a very beautiful day and truly madly deeply hope you also are having a great day too. Enjoy this wanderlust beautiful love story. If you are single never lose hope there is someone out there for you. If you ever have been heartbroken let this story take you to your very own happily ever after where everything is possible. Don't dream your life live your dream.