2022 Franchys Going On 2.

 Hi, Lovelies good Franchy day to you ya.

How are you all doing this frantastic day? I'm doing alright thank you. I truly madly deeply hope you are doing well too. Today I wanted to bring you all up to date on what is going on in my perfectly imperfect life aka this lovely blog post. I hope you guys have been appreciating my daily postings. I'm currently working on my postings for the rest of the year. I truly madly deeply want this year to be the year and it will be. Aside from working on my businesses I have also been working on my personal life as well. Been working on my self-love issues and on being kinder to myself. Additionally, I have been using different apps to help me get to my very own happily ever after. The two apps I'm referring to are Microsft To Do and Calm. They both have been truly madly deeply helping me to focus on what really matters. What really matters is that I'm happy.

I want you Lovelies to be happy too of course. After all, you are truly madly deeply the reason behind this wonderful beautiful website. I post to help you all live your absolute best lives ever. Oh, Lovelies just imagine you are at the park laying on the grass. You are staring at the beautiful lovely blue sky. All your daily life responsibilities are done and your children are at your parent's house. Mmmmmmmm time for that much-needed self-care you smile absolutely brilliantly. You tie your hair up. You close your beautiful blue eyes and you take a deep breath. Lovelies your happily ever after starts now. Forget about the past as it is truly no more. Don't worry about the future as it may never come. Instead, focus on now. Are you happy? Just checking on you Lovelies if no one else is doing so I'm always here ya. I love you all very much and want you all to be well. If you are not ok that is ok as well. Just remember nothing last forever and this too shall pass.

Just check on myself and on you my Sweet Lovelies. What's always going on is me creating my very own happily ever after and helping you all do the same. Stay blessed my Sweet Lovelies better times are on there way I promise. Remember to stop dreaming your life and begin living your dreams. I love you all, take care.