A Prayer For Our Angel Bre.

Hi, Lovelies. How are you all doing on this wonderfully blessed day? I'm doing well thankfully hope you all are doing well too. Lovelies I was just going about my day when I came across an AML live video. The video I saw was very dishearting. A young woman by the name of Bre was set on fire by teenagers and Mal Lewis was discussing getting justice for her. If you are not familiar with Kensington Pennsylvania and AML film videos then you may not know Who Bre is.

Bre is a heroin addict. She is young and currently in her twenties. Before her life took such a drastic turn she was going to school to become an audio disease specialist which she graduated thankfully. I also recently found out that she is also married. One wonders what in her life made her want to escape? Since that is what drugs allow you to do is escape. Specifically, a drug like heroin makes you numb. You don't feel anything. You truly madly deeply don't have to deal with your problems. Lovelies I wanted to write this post so you all could pray for Bre. She is currently in a coma and letting her perfectly imperfect body heal. If you are also going through a drug addiction get help. I know it won't be easy but you are certainly worth the effort. On that note, I'm going to bid you all farewell. Have a great day and be well ya. 



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