Earn Your Happily Ever After One Sweet Day At A Time.

Franchys Prelude of sweet happily ever after.

 I woke up this lovely morning absolutely a fright. Cupboards empathy, refrigerator scarce, and the merry-go-round of broken dreams waiting for me just outside my window. I got dressed and cleaned then headed outside for an adventure. I just needed to breathe even if it was while grocery shopping. For I remember being a child and depending on my mother to do everything. Summers were spent lazily laying around writing my wonderful sweet stories and being taken away to my very own happily ever after. My happily ever after where exactly is that? Lovelies it is at a wanderlust safe place where I can share my wonderful beautiful thoughts once upon a midsummer night stream. My happily ever after is right here with you all. Where I can truly madly deeply stop dreaming my life and begin living my sweet dreams.

You can live your dreams to Sweet Lovelies. I just wanted to share what was on my wonderful beautiful mind. Additionally, I wanted to share some ways where you can really make some extra money. Mmmmmmmm the list is as follows:

Franchys extra money sites-

  1. Swagbucks- I have been using this site for a very long time. You can watch videos, play fun games, and answer surveys. Moreover, there are offers you can take advantage of to help you earn more money. Join with my Franchy heart.
  2. Inboxdollars- With this lovely company you can also earn by watching videos and answering surveys. There are also offers you can complete to earn more money. This site was the first site I used to get money. I remember after getting home from work. I would sit behind the computer and start logging on to make some extra spending cash. I knew I truly madly deeply wanted to work from home. Start your very own side hustle at home sweet home
  3. Paidviewpoint- This is a survey company where you earn for every question you answer honestly. Lovelies one reason why I truly don't like taking surveys is because you can spend 40 minutes of your time taking a survey and get screened out and get paid nothing. PaidViewpoint is great in that the surveys are short and you get paid for every question answered. Join me here if you like.

I hope you enjoy my list. All these sites are 100% legit. I had gotten paid by every one of them. With the inflation that everyone is currently experiencing earning some extra cash can be very useful. If you have used any of the sites I've mentioned comment below and let me know how you are doing? I will write a longer article going into more detail. I hope you find this article useful and oh have a very lovely day ya.