2022 Wattpad Write Your Happily Ever After

Good day, Lovelies, and how are you all doing this wonderful, beautiful day? I'm doing well, thankfully am truly madly, deeply blessed ya. As you guys may or may not know, writing is a passion of mine and the reason for the beautiful blue in my eyes.

I know some of you also love to write. This is why I encourage you all to try to create a blog. Perhaps it can be a private one for your eyes only. Then as you feel more comfortable, you can make it public and earn some money from it. Get publish write a story online is so easy now with so many wonderful platforms to choose from. For example, Kindle direct-publishing. Additionally, Wattpad is a great way to share your wonderful stories.

I sign up with Wattpad a while ago and forgot all about it until recently when doing some online searching. I really love how easy it is to publish and share your stories. In fact, there is a whole wonderful community you can join and grow with. I'm currently working on finishing my story and going through the site to learn about all the features. When I'm done with all of that, I will update you promptly. So you, too, can share your stories and earn some money. I truly, madly, deeply want you all to succeed. Much love, have a great day ya. 


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