A Franchy Whats Up Too.

 Hi, Lovelies. Hope everything is going ok with you ya. As for me, ya, everything is ok, not too great. I have been working hard on my streaming job. Ya putting in very long hours and waking up very tired. So much so that I have not been going to the park and doing my daily exercise for the last couple of days. First of all, I wanted to apologize for not keeping my promise of writing daily articles. I should have never made a promise that I couldn't keep. Nevertheless, I do promise to do my very best ya.  

Ya, Lovelies, I do work hard as I want all my wonderful dreams to come true. I don't want to keep dreaming my life instead of living my dreams. For me coming from such a poor country, Haiti. I learn at a very young age you have to fight for the life you truly madly deeply want. Nothing worth having is going to come easy. Life in itself is a never-ending roller coaster ride. With so many ups and downs, by the time you reach your very own happily ever after, you are left breathless. As my 40th birthday slowly approaches, a feeling of dread is encompassing my sweet angel soul. Lovelies, let me be honest I never like my birthday coming as it just means I'm a year older, which sucks. Nonetheless, as I listen to the news and check out some Youtube videos and hear of many sweet angels who will never reach their 30th birthday. I got to say that gets me to really reevaluate my beautiful Franchy thinking. I truly, madly, deeply love you all. It is because of you all that I'm still here. Thank you from the bottom of my Franchy heart ya. Take care and be well ya.