Day Dreaming To My Happily Ever After.


Why dream your life when you can be living your daydream?

Waking up to your very own happily ever after. Skys, not even a limit, Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel.

Limits are those dreadful mirages you see while riding on the merry-go-round of broken dreams.

While you fall asleep into your eternal melody of what could have been if you only just believed in yourself.

The many ghosts of last years past, eternally singing the saddest song, seemingly waiting for you to truly madly deeply see the beauty within.

The beauty of what could have been if you were living your daydream. No longer dreaming your life; instead, you're living your beautiful, wonderful sweet dream. 

Why dream your life when you can be living your daydream?

The ghost of last summer's past singing over and over again the sweet melody of many broken dreams.

Then one day, you finally woke up and opened your beautiful blue eyes to all the wonders of what could be.

No longer saving your dreams for your sleep, you truly madly deeply decide to live your daydream. 

You woke up and got out of bed. Signing your way to the wonderful shower and getting ready for your very own happily ever after. You get into your car and start driving to your latest audition. Your hands are sweating as you stir the wheel. Then suddenly, everything went black. For a drunk driver was texting and was not paying attention to his very own happily ever after. 

Why dream your life when you can be living your daydream?

As you are now sleeping forevermore. Your family and friends have come to see you off to your very own happily ever after. Many tears of broken dreams easily falling eternally more with no end in sight. One after another, they come to say their sweet goodbyes, kissing you softly on the forehead. Nevertheless, the saddest song was being sung by the ghost from last summer's past. Which were you in various stages of your perfectly imperfect life. Your life flashing before your eyes, and a sweet sound behind a great light beckoning for you to come through. Right before you walk into the light, your alarm clock goes off. You suddenly sit up on your bed, your heart racing. Then right by your bedside are the ghosts of last summer's past. Continuously saying over and over again, don't dream your life; live your dream. From that moment on, you made the perfectly imperfect decision to start living your sweet daydream.



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