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Hello World!

I'm Francesca your local blogger. My online presence begin about 10 years ago and have since never stopped. Sure I've had my moments of standstill, one thing that continue till this day is my love of writing. My writing journey begin at 10 years of age and has continue till this very day and this very second.

I begin this blog because I wanted to share my writing with the whole world. Back in high school I was in the poetry club. I would share my writing with fellow members, we would go on trips and I would read to future "frantastics." A writer has to share his master piece, his heart.

I have a big heart, I always try to do what is right. My heart begin beating on October 31, 1982 on the beautiful Island of Haiti. My mother is Marie Noel and my father was Jean Joseph Etheart. When I was a child I was raise by my grandmother Julia Jean because my mother left and went to the United States of America after my fathers death when I was only two years of age.

I have three beautiful sisters and one brother. Growing up in Haiti wasn't always easy, after all it is a poor nation so we have limited resources. However we made do with what we had. For instance my mother would send us money from the United States. Things were simple but good can't complain about that. Then something wonderful happened.

My mother came back for us when I was 8 years old and took us to New York USA. We moved to the United States for a better life and a chance to make something of ourselves. Coincidentally I'm doing the same thing with this website. I'm creating a better life for myself and my readers. In this blog I will share a pieces of me with you all, collect all of the pieces and connect with me and you getFranchy's Earning My Life By Living It.



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