My Franchy Story 2

Hi, Lovelies!

If you have read my about me page then you are somewhat familiar with my wonderfully beautiful Franchyness. Nonetheless, I wanted to delve deeper into my ocean blue eyes of hope.

Growing up wasn't always easy Lovelies. Even when I moved to the US things improved nevertheless there were still some struggles. For instance, my mother was not the most reliable and my grandmother wasn't much better either. I remembered one crazy night not that long coming to America. A drug addict somehow got into our apartment and we had to call the police. Thankfully no one got hurt. Moreover, not long after me and my sister coming to New York, my mom got a divorce and he promptly moved out. I always felt somehow guilty about the divorce. I mean it happened right after we came into this beautiful country. Lovelies Needless to say my hardships didn't magically disappear. Every so often it's things not going right that make you the strongest.

Being Strong And Full Of Blue Hope of Sweet Dreams.

Lovelies I'm very strong emotionally and mentally not physically.😍💕 I believe I have to be strong as my life was never truly easy. From being poor and not having too much. To the mistreatment of me and my siblings by my mom's friends. Lovelies growing up in Haiti was really difficult for me as I was different and the children treated me as such. When I came to the US I was teased mercilessly too. Ya, my eyes move I'm crossed eye and the other children never let me forget. Additionally, I have been raped in my early twenties. Lovelies whatever I have been through in my perfectly imperfect life I never let it destroy the beautiful wonderful person that I truly madly deeply am. I love everyone equally and try to help everyone as best as I can. Additionally, no matter how much I fall I always get back up and continue on my very own path to my perfectly imperfect happily ever after. Writing has always been an excellent way to express myself and truly heal my Franchy soul.

The True Hollywood Story Why I write.

Lovelies I remember many summer days of me laying on my stomach with a notebook and pen to write my wonderfully beautiful sweet thoughts. My parents being Haitian they were very strict and would not let me go out and hang with my friends. All summer long I would be so bored with nothing to do so naturally I started to write. I wrote about anything really and sometimes share my story with my sister Patricia. I have a wonderful imagination that I would just write a story about a completely different person who is a different race. I would get so invested in the story and I loved it! It was back then laying down staring at the beautiful blue skies that I  decided to become a writer. It is truly madly deeply what I'm passionate about it is part of who I'm. This is why I truly madly deeply appreciate sharing wonderful pieces of me with you all. Back then my only experience of being a published writer was when I won the writing contest. Twelve years old was truly madly deeply the first time I was published. Then after high school, I did two pageants in New Jersey. I have always been different from my siblings. I always knew deep in my Franchy heart that I'm special.

My Special Franchy Abilities.

Lovelies I work so hard at times that I get no sleep. I recently watched a video asking me how bad do I want it? Which I answered as bad as I want to breathe. With my two businesses Frans Online Business INC and Francesca Etheart INC, I'm pretty busy. I have plenty of blogs that I need to post in. I'm just beginning to post regularly again after being gone for a while. Lovelies it is work and it is not work because I truly love what I do. It brings me great joy having readers for my Franchy writing thoughts. When I first started writing no one but a small few were reading any of my writings I was just writing for myself really.  Now I get readers and am getting paid to write. What more can a writer want? To write and publish her very first book that is. That is currently what I'm working on right now. Stay tuned Lovelies ya!

My Special Message For you.

Lovelies from the bottom of my heart thank you. You are the reason this blog was created for. I truly madly deeply believe We all have a story to tell. Here is mine. I truly hope you enjoy reading my Franchy thoughts. Moreover, I would love to hear your beautiful thoughts as well. Feel free to comment with no judgment. I'm working on a way to connect with you all directly really soon. Have a blessed day or night in the world ya.



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