Love <3 Me First

Good evening it’s a beautiful Sunday here in New York. Yesterday a guy came to my job site to tell me how dissatisfy he was at my weight gain. To be quite honest I don’t care much for his statement. We all know women come in all different shapes and sizes. And that’s okay we are all beautiful.  After all he wasn’t the only one to tell me how dissatisfy he was with my weight gain. This fear of being fat and unattractive has led to eating disorders and death. Growing up I was always mindful of my weight and saying no to food. As a result of that I kept in shape but I wasn’t happy. Then one day I just got tired of it and starting eating more. I was no longer starving myself. So I gain weight I still exercise and am mindful of my weight what change is my perspective of beauty. Beauty is self-acceptance and love. If you don’t love yourself you won’t get far in this world. Beauty is recognizing your faults as well as your strength.  Beauty is hard work and success. Beauty is putting your needs first. Beauty is being happy and smiling. We only have one body and one life use it wisely.