Franchys Dear Dearest Diary Day 1

Hello Lovelies!

As it is 2019 and another Anniversary is on it's way I thought it only seems fitting that I optimize this web-blog. Introducing Franchys Dear Dearest Diary which is a collection of my franchy musings. I have a lot to share and a monthly update doesn't seem fair to you all anymore. Additionally I wanted to share more of me with you all to build a better relationship. Moreover Franchy's Dear Dearest Diary is in congestion with Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love. It will be Frantastic to watch both of my babies grow.

Lovelies I've grown a lot since beginning my writing career which just started as a hobby for a young adolescent mind. My mind is full of different frantastic ideas and I thought I would put them all together and try to make sense of it all. This will be the home of my daily ramblings of my very Franchy frantastic life. Why am I creating this daily diary? I wish I could write up the most thought provoking reason known to man and simply wow you guys. Nevertheless, the answer is just that I love to write and I just wanted to collect my thoughts and put my frantastic Franchy musings on paper. With that said enjoy my daily Franchy musings. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing my lovely thoughts. Have a lovely day see you all tomorrow.



  1. By the way, Happy Valentines Day Lovelies <3

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