Could It Be Endless Love?

 Hi, Lovelies!

How are you? I'm doing alright tired but am doing ok. I have been working harder and posting more frequently as I absolutely love to write. Pouring my heart through my writings. I write what I feel and I share my innermost deepest secrets.

Lovelies every time I lose my way I just pick up a pen and start putting pieces of me back together forevermore.

This blog is about my life and how I earn every breath that I take via Frans Online Business INC.

Here is a poem I wanted to share enjoy 😍😍😘😘

How can this be darling I still love you?

It started one hot summer with many sweet kisses that set my heart on fire.

That summer felt like I knew you for eternity. Looking into your blue eyes was absolutely haven sent.

How can it be darling your touch so electrifying that it awakens all my perfectly imperfect senses?

Holding, touching, kissing, and rubbing all my perfect imperfections I never felt more alive than I did that very moment.

The seduction of last year's past of broken dreams was long gone and it was just me and you now and forevermore my love.

How can it be darling that I'm still dreaming of you?

Our love whispers a thing of the past nevertheless my heart still aches for you. 

I want you. I need you oh so badly baby. Won't you make love to me one last time?

That way when you breathe out I breathe in and we are one for better or for worst till death do we part. 

How can it be you no longer here with me my love?

The doctor said you just had a few more days and for you to make it count.

You smile sweetly and look into my eyes and said sweetly I'm making it count and you gently touch my face. 

How can it be I'm laying on my bed all by myself after 35 years of a loving partnership? 

I remember it like it was yesterday. You whisper I love you for the last time as I kissed you softly and beg you to not let go. 

You told me I was the best thing that ever happened to you and the last thing you ever did right. 

How can it be as I close my eyes for the very last time it is you I see my love waiting for me with open arms?

You kissed me so passionately like it was our first time. I knew then that I have reached my very own happily ever after. It is you darling it has always been you.

                           I love you.