Forgivness Is Your Happily Ever After.

 Hi, Lovelies! How are you all doing this beautiful lovely morning? I'm doing alright working hard as usual.

The other day I was on Youtube when I came across a story about Victoria Ruvolo. She was a beautiful soul that forgives a teenager after he throws a turkey through her windshield injuring her perfectly imperfect face. I was so astonished by her story that I did a Google search of her name. I was very sad to learn she had died. 

She lived in long Islands Ronkonkoma New York. In fact, that is where the incident occurred. The teenager was arrested after the police investigated who brought the turkey. Which was a local teen of just 18 years of age. Victoria surprised everyone by convincing the court to give the teen just 6 months instead of the recommended 25 years in prison. Lovelies I cried a little I was so touched. 

Yes, I was truly madly deeply touched because anyone else would have wanted the kid teenager to get the full 25-year jail term. Nonetheless, Victoria did not want her anger to overcome her so she learned to forgive and give the teen a second chance.

Lovelies the beautiful outcome was that the teen changed his life around as he also was touched by her ability to forgive him. Today he is a functional member of society and it is all because of Victorias Ruvolo's beautiful heart.   

Beauties today I was truly madly deeply able to forgive two people in her memory. I didn't like the women my anger was turning me into. I had so much anger in my Franchy heart like no other. Forgiving these two men was not easy at all but was very necessary. 

If you too are struggling to forgive remember you are doing it for yourself so that you can really finally move on.