Lily Anatasia A Life Truly Worth Living. Part 3


Anatasia continued to hug Jason as some tears begins to escape from underneath her beautiful eyelashes. It will be ok Jason said softly. 

Jason and I have been friends since I got adopted at 6 years old. We have been in this very house since I first got adopted and Jason's room window has been across mine ever since then. We have spent countless hours under the tree by my window just hanging out and chatting. It's like he is my other better half as we at times complete each other's sentences. We are the bestest of friends and we truly madly deeply love each other. 

Are you ready he asked getting my backpack and heading to my bedroom door? Ya, sure I said following him. We got to his nice red honda. He opened the door for me and closed the door and I was safely in.

Why you're so quiet he asked? I know when you get like this it is because you have a lot on your mind or you're mad at me. So are you mad at me Ana?

I reached across my seat and hit him hard on his legs. Ouch so violent he exclaimed holding unto his leg. I guess that's a yes then. No, I said laughing a little. I just love to hit you. At least I get you to smile I guess it was worth the pain. You really care about me, don't you? Of course, I do Ana we are a team. When you hurt I hurt. I love you my sweet Ana. I love you too I replied. 

I'm a beautiful wonderful open book whos story truly madly deeply has not yet been told. Likewise this wonderful story Lily Anatasia A Life Truly Worth Living has yet to be told. Meaning this was just a story teaser. I will tell everything in my frantastic Franchy book stay tune mmmmmmmmmmm ya.