Thank You A Beautiful Poetry Of Self Love.

Hi Lovelies, today I was doing my wonderful daily meditation. More specifically I was listening to "Daily Jay" an inspirational meditation to truly madly deeply help you live your best life ever. Jay reiterated the importance of thanking yourself. We are so used to thanking everyone instead of ourselves. With that in mind, he gave us a special exercise to write ourselves a thank you note. Here is mine mmmmmmmm ya.

 Dear my Darling past self.

Thank you for being you.

Your loving heart forever caring even in my darkest days.

Thank you for always being the best shoulder to cry on Lovely.

You would just listen to me for hours with truly madly deeply a sweet caring heart.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Always remembering to live your sweet dreams.

For tomorrow is truly madly deeply never promised and your happily ever after is right here waiting.

Lastly thank you for believing in yourself. Never giving up even as the days seem longer with very little return.

You have to be consistent Sweet Lovely. Wake up to a brand new day of sweet hope. Then work hard to your very own happily ever after.

May today be the day when all the pain truly madly deeply stops. Then all the beautiful angels will sing the lovely sweet melody of a perfectly imperfect happily ever after amen.