2023 A Frantastic Franchy Update Too.

Hi, Lovelies. How has everything been going in your very own perfectly imperfect lives? I truly, madly, deeply hope everything has been going good ya. As for me, everything has been going ok. A few mishaps here and there, as you all understand, life inevitably always happens. Life is not easy and is rarely fair. Nevertheless, life is whatever you make of it.

Today I wanted to give you guys a much-needed update on what has been going on in my Franchy life. Additionally, I wanted to say a happy new year to you all, lovely people. As we are in our third month, I sincerely hope 2023 has been good to you and you have continued to live your dreams instead of dreaming your life. Likewise, similarly, I have been doing just that, Sweet Lovelies. As you guys know, I'm a model and have recently been given a new job as a model broadcaster for the Japanese app Pococha. I officially started in January and am now in my third month. In another blog post, I will discuss Pococha in greater detail as it is an excellent way to earn money, whether you are signed or independent. Moreover, I am also using All Casting. Com to get more modeling jobs. 

Yes, Lovelies, I do many different jobs to earn every breath that I take. Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. As life inevitably always happens, and now you are unemployed with bills piling up. You guys know I'm in New York City, and everything is quite expensive. Similarly, having a roommate to help you with different life expanses is quite normal. I also cook more and eat out less, keeping more money in my pocket. Eating out every day is not a very good idea for you but is excellent for business. Lovelies, you always have to do what's best for you and take the best care of yourself. Never agree to take on more than you can handle, and always believe in yourself no matter what. Sometimes if you don't have faith, then you really have nothing at all. On that note, Lovelies, I'm going to say goodbye. I have missed you all; see you really soon. Take care and be well.