Believe Is Your Happily Ever After.

 Believe Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel.

Though at times the skies are gray.

Your happily ever after may seem so far away.

Nevertheless believe Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel.

Don't dream your life live your dream.

Create your very own happily ever after once upon a midsummer night stream. 

Sweet Lovely believe as you look in the mirror of many broken promises.

The wall behind you moving ever so freely. The ceiling above you is open and welcoming to a whole new reality of love.

Yet Sweet Lovely you look at your very own reflection and don't recognize the sweet beautiful face smiling back at you. 

For your hair is a mess from the craziness brought unto you by last year's past of broken dreams.

Your teeth are rotten from below the many broken promises of last year's past.

Nonetheless Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel I see the magic truly madly deeply within your beautiful blue eyes of hope.

Believe that you will stop dreaming your life and will begin living your dreams.

One day at the time step by step said the Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel as she walked you to your very own happily ever after.

Then you got on your hands and knees praying to your heavenly father may there be peace and may all your troubles truly madly deeply be nevermore forevermore.

Believe in your self Sweet Lovely no matter what.

I see your brilliant hopes and dreams bring light to the darkness of this helpless loveless world.

Where murder is truly madly deeply very prevalent and broken promises are beautiful decorations of lost love.

Believe as this may be the very last thing you truly madly deeply do before the merry-go-round of broken dreams takes your breath away.

Sweet Lovely this last breath is yours and I love you so.

Believe and it truly madly deeply shall be.